I have lived in the Mexican countryside for over fifteen years, a place to witness the progressive collapse of the social tissue and dream about falling heads. With two kids of my own I have imagined, laterally through the mist, the daily lives of parents with murdered or missing children, awakening the darkest of sadness.

I spent a year in the casting process talking to people around my village. I met a family that had abducted a man and kept him in their house. But from afar everything seemed normal. The father was devoted to his work as a taxi driver and loved his children. The kids continued to go to school, their mother worked hard at home. Life continued.

Their 16-year-old son flirted with the criminal world. But he also loved to dance and always helped his mother. As a family, they were generous with their neighbors, played football with the community, and attended parties. One quality came to mind: they were kind-hearted. But they needed money. Mexico is like a God with multiple faces and equal contradictions.

That is what this film is about. After years of exposure to infinite images of torture, something shifts in our minds and dreams. Maps of clandestine graves, missing people’s faces, homicides of men and women alike. The list goes on. But for every vivid form of violence, there is an invisible one: the spiritual wound and its psychological dimension. This is precisely what I want to evoke.

I think of Robe of Gems as a collage that reflects a universe where all the characters contribute –as victims or offenders– to the cycle of violence, without being aware. Through feelings of impotence, fear, and guilt, the main characters explore the unconscious implications of this reality.

Ocotitlán / January 2022


In the middle of her divorce, Isabel settles in her family’s abandoned country house with her children. There she discovers that her assistant María has a missing sister. Isabel offers to help in the search as the fate of both women intertwines.

Meanwhile, Roberta, a police commander, wants to rescue her son from the underworld of crime. There, she will accidentally cross paths with the two inquirers: Isabel and María.

Three destinies come together in a world of confusion and abandonment where, despite all, the human spirit rebels against misfortune and does not perish.

Original title: Manto de gemas (Robe of Gems)

Director & Writer: Natalia López Gallardo

Producers: Natalia López Gallardo – Fernanda De la Peza – Joaquín del Paso

Cinematographer: Adrián Durazo

Direct sound: Victor Tendler – Raúl Locatelli

Art designer: Ángela Leyton

Costume designer: Mary Ann Smith

Sound design: Thomas Becka – Guido Berenblum

Editors: Omar Guzmán – Natalia López Gallardo – Miguel Schverdfinger

Year: 2022

Duration: 158 minutos

Genre: Drama

Language: Español

Format: 2K DCP

Aspect ratio: Scope 2:39

Sound: 5.1 THX

Production Company: Cárcava Cine

Coproduction companies: Rei Cine – Foprocine – Splendor Omnia – Cactus Film and Video – Empírica – Pretty Ideas – Off Hollywood – Detalle Films – CTT Exp & Rentals

Executive Producers: Sacha Ben Harroche – Ryan Zacarias – Benjamín Domenech

Sales agent: Visit Films

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